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  • Avian Protection Plan
  • A variety of birds use utility structures without consequence,...
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  • 2014 - Rebate Programs Continue
  • Douglas Electric Cooperative, through a Bonneville...
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  • There are no outages at this time. If you are having difficulty with your service, please contact us.

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Rebate Credits

As of October 1, 2011, there are new rebate credits available. From weatherization to clothes washers and heat pumps, check out the new rebate credits today.

Green Power

Not all power is the same; now it comes in green... What on earth is Green Power? Good question! Green Power is energy generated by renewable re sources like water, wind, sun and even garbage. Unlike fossil fuels, it is renewable by the effects of the sun, so it's considered by many to be environmentally friendly. Find out more!

Power Friendly

Trees beautify homes and property, and can lower utility bills if correctly sited. But care should be taken with trees near power lines. Every year power outages are caused by storms that bring trees or limbs down on lines. Restoring power is expensive, as is trimming trees to prevent these outages.

You can help by taking a "power friendly" approach in landscaping your property. Choose the right tree, plant it in the right place, and maintain it. It's easy, with just a few simple guidelines. Keep reading.

Efficient Power

To find out more about power efficiency, please see our efficient power directory.

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