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      Dave Sabala

      General Manager

Douglas Electric is owned by the members it serves! More than just another electric utility with miles of power lines, transformers and meters, it is in fact the customers' cooperative. Along with our dedicated office and operating staff, you are its greatest asset.

This newly renovated website has been prepared to briefly outline how your cooperative came into being, what you can expect from your cooperative, and what your responsibilities are as a member. It also offers a host of useful tools from the existing online bill-pay and Smart Hub options, to future PrePay features. We sincerely hope you will take the time to browse. Please feel free to call on us to address any questions not fully answered online. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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http://dec.coopwebbuilder2.com/sites/dec/files/images/ruralite%20images/cover_c10_dec_2014_12.gifYou can now get instant free access to the digital edition of the Ruralite Magazine. If you missed previous editions, you can access back issues as well!


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